Truly green renewable electricity from wave power

ZOEX is the world's first commercially viable, reliable and modular wave energy converter system

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Wave power is the largest source of renewable energy on the planet

Wave energy is unique because it is the most concentrated form of Renewable Energy on Earth, with power density much higher than wind and solar energy.

Why isn't wave energy being utilised on a larger scale?

Early wave energy concepts focused on large utility-scale systems and failed miserably. This is like trying to run without learning to crawl.

Their systems failed in harsh marine environments, suffered from complex installations and operation costs and couldn’t prove to be commercially viable. However, the world needs to be on track to meet the IEA Net Zero by 2050, and wave energy should make its way into the Renewables mix.

Something needs to change...

Introducing ZOEX

The world's first commercially viable device for capturing wave energy, offering numerous advantages for offshore off-grid applications.

Clean energy

Zero Emissions (100kW device can save up to 100 tonnes CO₂/unit/ year).  Zero leak (as we do not use hydraulics). No harm to marine life.

24/7 Power

Waves provide constant 24/7 power, with higher availability than solar or wind. Site dependant, ZOEX may reach capacity factors as high as 50-60%

Easy to get consented

We use existing marine structures in authorised areas, so we only need to modify an existing permit, which saves huge amounts time.

Cost Comparable

Prototype unit price of electricity is competitive to that of diesel generators when included CAPEX and OPEX. Same cost without the harmful emissions.

Minimum OPEX

Low maintenance, perfect for remote areas. Saves money by reducing refuelling trips.

Plug & Play

The system is made up of (100kW or 20kW) modular units, multiples can be attached to an existing marine structure to meet the customer demand.

Patent pending

Generate significant energy even in small sea-states while still withstanding high storms

Why is generating at small sea states important?

Most other wave energy converter devices need a significant wave height of 2m or above. ZOEX's patent-pending double link arm mechanism intensifies wave energy, making it possible to penetrate new markets. This is especially important as 80% of our oceans have a significant wave height of only 1 meter.

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How it works

A compliant rubber Yokohama fender moves up and down as wave actuated-body. The fender also protects the host (marine) structure.

The fender's movements are captured by a Electro-Mechanical Generator (EMG), which provides precise control, high efficiency and reliability.

Hinge assembly on the arm works as a mechanical intensifier so that the device generates at small sea states with improved performance and utilisation and protects the device at high sea-states.

ZOEX Fender

Markets we serve

ZOEX is commercially viable from the its current prototype cost price for the following sectors.

Powering Oil & Gas and CCS subsea infrastructure

ZOEX can provide power (20-200kW range) for Offshore O&G and CCS subsea infrastructure including manifolds, valves and communication umbilicals.

Marine Sensors for IoT

Marine data monitoring and fast connectivity is becoming more and more important as we move towards digitilisation. ZOEX charge-barge supported with a battery pack can provide you with power you need in the harsh marine environments.

Development Roadmap

ZOEX is the genesis of something new - it will shape the future of next era of energy supply

Phase 1

Prototype and commercialisation

In the near term, we are going to be focusing on technology development in fish farming sector and delivering projects with early adopters. We secured grant funding from the UK and Scottish Government and working with one of the biggest fish farmers in Scotland for our demonstration project.

Phase 2

Industrialisation and upscaling of operations

In the medium to long term, ZOEX's primary objective is to maximise product sales to generate volume and reduce cost in the underlying technology.

Phase 3

Utility-scale and joint energy storage solutions

Our goal is to make wave energy mainstream, but we must pair the LCOE with offshore wind to reach a billion-dollar market potential. Our roadmap involves reducing costs to offshore wind prices after 500 unit sales, confirmed by our power take-off manufacturer. The aquaculture sector offers a market of around 9,000 units. We anticipate reaching economies of scale by 2030.

Investment Opportunities

Our team aims to make ZOEX a global force for good. Our strategic partners offer specific expertise and will support our in-house team to capture learnings and protect IP rights.

Join us on our journey to unlock the greatest untapped energy source on the planet and yield exceptional returns with ZOEX.

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Aslihan Penley

Aslihan Penley

Aslihan, an award-winning businesswoman with a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering, transitioned from the Oil & Gas sector to renewable energy through Napier University.

She pioneered ZOEX, a wave energy converter for small sea-states, with a focus on the aquaculture sector due to its power needs, resource availability, and growth potential.As a Turkish immigrant nationalized British citizen, she champions diversity and serves as a Turkish Talent Ambassador.

Inspired by her children, Zoe and Alex, she named her concept ZOEX, aiming to provide clean energy and water solutions for remote islands. Her motto, "If I can do it, you can do it," inspires climate action and a low-carbon future.

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